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Flushing the permanent Class Hierarchy Cache


Tiny Trick: Stop the jumping grid

Do you hate it, too?

You’re working in a grid with many columns, you scroll to the right to find the column you want to filter. You enter the filter, hit return and the grid jumps back to the first column?

Here is why: The focus is still on the first column. After applying the filter, this column is therefore brought back into your view.

This also leads to the solution: Before filtering, click into the field of interest (maybe the column you want to filter). Now, the grid won’t jump any more to a position you don’t care about.

Tiniest Tricks for AX usability

If you work in a system for some time you learn tricks that make it easier to use that system. Usually, you don’t even realize that you use them until you watch a new user and ask „But why don’t you …“.

So I thought I’d start a collection of some of those tiny tricks I use in AX very often. I will add to the list as I go along in my projects and notice something that might help new users.

Sort Descending in Context Menu

Day in date control

Calculator in number control

Navigate with Tab, Down Cursor or Ctrl-PgDown

Stop the jumping grid

Tiny Trick: Navigate with Tab, Down Cursor or Ctrl-PgDown

If you navigate within a form and use the tab key, you will realize that the current value in the control is preselected. You can then directly type in the value you want to enter because the old value is automatically overwritten.

In some cases, I navigate with the mouse to „my“ control, tab out of it to the next control and tab back (hold shift), just so that I don’t have to select the text with my mouse. Weiterlesen

Tech Tipp for Consultants: Speed up reports

Your users complain that performance is really bad when the first report is created in the morning?

  • Ask the administrators whether the „Warmup SSRS Reports“ batch job is scheduled to run every morning (before the first user typically logs in). You can also check yourself for that batch job, if you have access to System Administration > Inquiries > Batch Jobs > Batch Jobs. Look for an entry similar to the following – it will probably be scheduled to run once a day, early in the morning. Weiterlesen