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Tech Tipp for Consultants: Speed up reports

Your users complain that performance is really bad when the first report is created in the morning?

  • Ask the administrators whether the „Warmup SSRS Reports“ batch job is scheduled to run every morning (before the first user typically logs in). You can also check yourself for that batch job, if you have access to System Administration > Inquiries > Batch Jobs > Batch Jobs. Look for an entry similar to the following – it will probably be scheduled to run once a day, early in the morning. Weiterlesen

Dynamics AX SSRS Reports: Page total and carry over

An AX consultant told me that their developer colleagues say that it’s not possible in an AX2012 SSRS printout to

  • create a page total in the page footer
  • and carry over that total to the top of the subsequent page.

I thought I’d accept the challenge and give it a try … This post will Show one possible solution, using the collection letter as an example. Maybe it can help somebody else, too.