Dynamics AX SSRS Reports: Page total and carry over

An AX consultant told me that their developer colleagues say that it’s not possible in an AX2012 SSRS printout to

  • create a page total in the page footer
  • and carry over that total to the top of the subsequent page.

I thought I’d accept the challenge and give it a try … This post will Show one possible solution, using the collection letter as an example. Maybe it can help somebody else, too.

Let’s get started:

  1. Create a text box totaling up the value you’re interested in (I call it RunningTotalATH, that will be important in step 3):
    =RunningValue(Fields!CustCollectionTrans_RemainAmount.Value, Sum, Nothing)
  2. Create new “Business Logic”:
  3. Use the business Logic in the page header, here use the name of the text box created in step 1:
  4. Use the business Logic in the page footer:
  5. Be happy:



  • No warranties for this solution
  • Set the text box from step 1 to invisible once you don’t need it for debugging
  • This solution will have to be enhanced when having collection letters for multiple currencies
  • Didn’t do any layouting, just wanted to illustrate the principle
  • There probably are different and better solutions – feel free to share!

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